Sunday, November 18, 2012

Recap: From last month till recently

I feel like I haven't properly updating my blog lately. The same old problem again, laziness. Nothing much to document as well. I just feel like I want to live in the moment, being happy and bless with my life, enjoying every moments especially this week, the week that I had been anticipating for. It's bf mid sem break, he is was back for week. Since he's back, I only turning on my laptop twice, hence no update.

I just sent him off at the airport earlier this evening. It was my first time sending him off because all this while, he was the one waving outside the boarding hall for me. It doesn't matter which side I'm at, the heavy feeling still overwhelming.  But never mind because after the next two months, I'll be seeing him again, for longer time.

Wanted to show off my soft gel nails but failed.

My new studded bracelet on Cotton On

Japanese food for lunch the other day

Yum yum nom nomm

My ootd from 2 or 3 weeks ago
Studded hairband is gift from Miao

Another ootd for a company beach trip at Kingwood Resort Mukah

I was a bit skeptical about the trip at first because trip with your colleagues is something that I'd never done before. At the beginning, I asked for an exclusion but my boss said the trip is a must for a newbie ='= But I'm glad I did went because I had so much fun playing games and trying to win for our team. Plus, I'd never been to Kingwood Resort Mukah. 

It is clean but relatively small resort by the beach side. A perfect place for relaxing albeit the lack of activity going on around there. The only downside is the food. It was meh, they could have done better. By the way, we didn't win but were happy and had lots of fun.

Can you believe that in two weeks time, I'll be heading to Bangkok. I'm so excited and can't wait to shop and shop and eat and shop. Yayyyy!!!! 

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