Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Happy Halloween

Hello peeps! How was your Halloween celebration?
Mine was spent with bestie, Miao.
The initial plan was to go to Baba & Siam Halloween Party.
The party which did not feel like a party at all :(

The compulsory #ootd picture.

The power of bestie, we turned up in the same style.
High waisted short, checked!
Clutch, checked!
Ballerina flats, checked!

Mirror is our best friend

Iphone camera sucks sometimes :(

My new legless crush

The interior

It did felt a bit eerie with all the bloody toilet paper hung around the place.
They put on Paranormal Activity as well.

He She looked scary

The party got a bit bored after awhile because there was not much crowd.
But our party continued to The Core.
It was jam packed with people.
Everyone was in the Halloween mode.
Poor bestie and me only can hang out near the bar.
After a drink and people watching, we called it a night.

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