Thursday, October 4, 2012

Vistana Hotel

So, this is way backdated but never mind. Since I'm not going anywhere this month, I figure I'll write about my trip to KL last July. I was there for a training program which by far is my favorite program ever. This time I was arranged to stay at Vistana Hotel at Titiwangsa. 

When I first read the email about the accommodation, I was hoping for something nearby Starhill but heck, I was located at the middle of nowhere. The area is not familiar and I had no idea where it is. But the hotel itself made it up for the location.

Pardon my shopping bag, I was just getting some basics from Cotton On soon after I touched down. I got a king size bed all for myself. 

The room was clean and that's a must in my travel list. But the awkward part is when I need to iron my clothes, I had to call housekeeping because they provide none in the room. That's not the worst part though. The worst part is I was only given one hour to use the old school iron before the housekeeper took it back.

My hotel is really in the middle of nowhere. There's no mall, no 7-11 that I noticed nearby, no McD, no KFC. So, I was only left with hotel food. Because I refused to go out at night. According to my cab driver, the area that I stayed at is black area where snatch thief incidents happened almost daily. That why I locked myself in my room after training.

Hotel food was my only choice left. The fish and chip was a bit bland actually. Even the breakfast buffet was disappointing. I tend to wake up late and went down to breakfast around 7.15am but their food were mostly gone and they didn't refill. Why?? Seats were limited and service was slow too. :(

In the end, I settled for Maggie two nights in a row

My haul

Can you believe I bought it all in less than 3 hours? Because I had to check-in at my hotel before 7pm and I touched down at KLIA at 1.30pm, my time to loiter around was limited. I reached KL Sentral almost at 2.45pm, packed my luggage into the rented locker there and hopped into monorail nearby to go Bukit Bintang. Speed shopping in 2 hours, got back to KL Sentral and hailed a cab to go to Titiwangsa. Sometimes, I'm really impress with myself.

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