Sunday, October 14, 2012

#OOTD/girls night out/weekend food

Last last Saturday, I met up with Miao for our catch up session. I'm so glad that she's back at Sibu now because I can have my shopping/gossiping/clubbingdrinking/yoga kaki. After our catch up session at Cafe Cafe, we went to The Core to meet up with our high school friend, See Sing. I don't get to see my high school friends often because most of them are not in Sibu and only be back once or twice a year. 

After a drink at The Core, Miao and I moved on to 96 to meet up with other friends. It was a fun night seeing everyone but I really miss the real clubbing life tho. In Sibu, I couldn't seem to club as fun as I was in Kuching. I think it's the people and place factor.

Anyway, here's some outfits the day from the past week,

Top: Blogshop in Singapore
Pant: 1B in KK
Bag: Random shop in Sungei Wang

Our outfit of the day for our movie dates.

We went to watch Taken 2 last Wednesday and it was as good as Taken. I think Liam Neelson is really growing old and such a loving but overly protective dad. I have a soft spot for father-daughter kind of movie, like Taken, Armageddon etc. It gets me every time.

Wore that for another night out with Miao.
Top: Actually is a dress, from a local boutique I think
Skirt: Forever 21
Pumps: Vincci
Bag: Longchamp

I have been obsessing over my nail lately and was having fun re-discovering my old nail polishes. My favorite color is pastel but sadly I don't have much pastel colors in my collection. Also, it was my first time doing DIY for my own nails, so it's a bit messy.

It's weird that I'm not PMS-ing this weekend but I have been having some sort of food craving. Maybe it was because I had been starving real bad and always eat way past my meal time. Last Friday, I went back to Penang Kopitiam just for the sake of their sushi.

Loot at the big fat sashimi, yums!

I had these meatballs for brunch yesterday and it was good and last me till dinner time.

If you follow me on Twitter and Instagram (username: suzmellisa), you might already seen most of the pictures above. Sorry for that but I update my twitter and Instagram way more often than my blog obviously, duh!. So follow me there for more updates.

I was Tango-ing with the bf while writing this and he been complaining that I never write anything about him. Someone demands a debut here I see, LOL. I don't really talk much about my personal life since I first started blogging. I may have mentioned a bit here and there about the bf ( and the exes) too but never a story about us. Maybe because I'm too vain and want this space to revolve just around me, LOL. Just kidding babe, I will do it when it's time. <3 p="p">

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