Wednesday, October 3, 2012

To do Master or not?

It's been awhile since I really pour my thought into this space of mine. I was having writer block and been kept busy for good since August. Too many things had happened in the past month till I get lazy to capture the memory in this space. For once, I decided to just live in the moment, enjoying it while it last rather than busy transferring my pictures to my laptop and drafting a post about my day late at night. I've picked cuddling over writing hehehe

Recently I just got back from Kuching for rather short but sweet work trip. Since I had a few hours to loiter around before heading to airport, I stopped by my uni. The last time I was there was a year ago for my graduation.

Most of my friends are doing their Master now and during my visit, they were taking part in a conference. Coincident much, I came by during lunch time. Thick-skinned me joined the rest of the participants and lecturers for their lunch buffet.

The very same hall where I got my graduation hall last year

I met most of my lecturers at the buffet, it's good to know that they still doing great though all of them were shocked that I completely work in a different field from my study. My thesis supervisor even trying to talk me into doing Master.

I never give Master much thought, to be honest. I was super excited after graduation and couldn't wait to kick start my career. I guess at the moment, money and career are my priority, I think I had have enough of sampling, collecting data and writing article. It was a great experience and I already published my research into article. That's one achievement off my list.

I have so much more to tick off my list but not Master now. Maybe someday in the future, who knows? To my friends whom doing their Master now, good luck and do your best, guys. Be one of the awesome researchers, alright? :)

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