Sunday, August 26, 2012

Singapore part 3 : Sentosa

Outfit of the day for day 3

We went again to Sentosa the next day because we haven't explore the beach and other adventure rides there. This time around, we bought all of the rides ticket beforehand and we went to every one of them except the go-kart because I think it was too hot.

Because we were so eager to go on all the rides before the dolphin show at Underwater world, we skipped breakfast and lunch altogether. In the end, I escaped to Starbucks to get some drink and mixed fruits to fill the stomach.

My brunch

After all the extreme 4D rides, I was so hungry that when we visit the Aquarium at the Underworld, all that I could think about were how great those fish and crabs taste would be if they were my lunch. My mind was filled with images and taste of seafood. So sorry guys.

Bought nuggets and fries for the dolphin show because fruits was not enough

I love the fur seal. Her name is Brenda

I got a little bit pissed with the tourists from India. They were so rude and selfish but yet so kind to their own people. There was once I was lining up at the counter to pay for my drink  Suddenly there's black figure cutting my line and totally blocked me. Fuck. He was a middle age man and twice my size. Can't he just waited for his turn? He's right after me at the line. 

Then at the dolphin show, they kept squeezing to our spaces. When the show needed volunteer for game, some of them were waving frantically, some even stood up and walked to the emcee without being called. My God, these people.

Done with the show, we strolled to the beach area. The weather was great and perfect.

We stopped at an Italian cafe, Trapizza by the beach for early dinner. 

Full and happy after dinner, we took a taxi to Vivo city for some shopping before went back to our apartment. 

End this post with an ugly picture of me during the Sky Ride

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