Friday, August 3, 2012

1st year

This post was written on 26 July and I forgot to post it up. 


Yesterday marked exactly one year that I’ve been stepping into the real world and started working. In this one year span, I’ve jumped field once. Leaving behind my banker job and stepped into a new but relatively related field.

What have I learnt in this one year? Well, the obvious would be how satisfying it is to be financially independent, though sometimes it can be quite tough as well. No more financial support from my dad would means I have to plan my budget carefully (truth is, I failed every months, ops!)

I would say I’m quite lucky to land myself a job even before my graduation. Many claimed that everything came easy to me because I’m a girl. Pftttttt… discrimination! Don’t they know that you have to work hard for something if you want it? Same principle applied when looking and landing a job. But frankly speaking, being a girl does have it own advantages (and disadvantages too).

Being a fresh graduate with zero background in my field, I have way too many things to learn. Even using the photocopy machine for the first time was a challenge. Phew, now gone were those days. Lucky for me, I have a good support system at my work place.
Everyone was so helpful in the beginning and I slowly picking things up from here and there. Meeting way too many new people (which sometimes I couldn’t recall their names)
from various background expands my acquaintances horizon too. I love listening to their story about how they started working during their young age. It fascinating to know others stories and what had they been through to be at where they are now.

Even after a year of working and at the age of 23, it’s sad to say that I’m not sure what I exactly want in my career. All I know now is I want to earn more and more money. Yes, I’m that money-driven but who doesn’t anyway? It’s a realistic world that we live in after all. Now that I’m getting used to my job, I quite love what I do. The familiarity of my routine has become my comfort zone now. Soon my job scope will be widen and again I have to start picking things up at faster rate. Beginner excuse can’t be used anymore. As much as the idea of confirmation terrifies me, I’m quite eager to take on more things on my plate. Torn much, eh?

I hope it’s okay to still not be sure where I’m going career wise at this age.

P/S: Singapore trip update will be up soon. J

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