Sunday, August 19, 2012

Singapore Part 2- Universal Studio Singapore

Finally, I'm blogging about the perk of my visit to Singapore two months back, Universal Studio Singapore. I went there on my second day and spent the entire day exploring this whole new world. Personally for me, USS is such a happy and dreamlike place, but I bet Disneyland would be better. Oh never mind that since I've never been to Disneyland before.

Let's me warn you, this post is picture heavy. It is probably the longest post with the most pictures that I have ever post. Enjoy! :)

A compulsory picture at the entrance. 
Had to retake so many shoots to get a decent one because it was either someone was photo-bombing me or I couldn't get the word on the giant globe in view properly.

We arrived quite early that day and the place was already jam packed with visitors, most probably because it was weekend. Once we stepped our feet inside USS, we were greeted by these beautiful buildings. I felt like I was somewhere in a western country because the architecture is so beautiful and colourful. 

The staffs and the performers at USS were super friendly even though it was a blazing hot day. They still managed to smile and joke with us. Being at such a beautiful place already made me so happy, being treated that way made me even more happier. 

See how happy I was there

There are so many cafes and bakery available but I didn't stepped in any as I was on a budget. Got to spend wise with the limited cash that I had with me. Those cash were better used for shopping :)

After exploring Hollywood, we moved on to the sci-fi land which I didn't remember the proper name. The only memory left of the sci-fi land is the Transformer because I saw Bumblebee almost everywhere. I didn't get on any of the rides here because the queue and the waiting time was too long. Some more I was the only one whom eager to go for extreme rides. It's not fun to shout alone, much better if I have someone to shout with or someone to bear my shouting at their ears hehehe

My favourite car 

Holding baby Kelly for posing purpose only hahaha

Next we moved on to Jurassic Park and I finally could get on some rides. I was on Canopy Flyer, Jurassic Park Rapid Adventure and one more that I forgot the name already. It was nothing challenging but quite fun and children friendly.

We had our lunch at this Jurassic themed food court which I guess is the only food court available here.

My lunch which suck big time. Maybe because I was having flu that day, everything taste quite bland and meh for me.

Done filling our stomach, we moved on to Egypt. I did nothing much there because it was getting too hot and the crowd was growing. Couldn't even try on any rides there. So I was just walking around and taking pictures with some characters that I met.

Err, don't know his name. Maybe Flint or something, but he reminded me of the lead in Tangled.

Done with Egypt we moved onto my favourite place ever, the land far far away. Seriously, I love the castle here. And I love Shrek too. Sure enough I felt so happy at far far away. Just looking at the architecture here was enough to put a smile on my face.

If only I can live in a castle like this as a princess.
I enlarged this picture bigger than the rest because this is my favourite.

Lining up to catch the 4D show about Shrek rescuing Fiona. Damn nice the show.

Photo taking is actually not allow in the theatre

After the 4D show, we rushed to the water park to catch the waterworld show.

We were late, so we missed quite a bit of actions.The waterworld show was amazing with all the props and explosives as well as actions but it was a bit too short though.
Outfit of the day

I love them

One more enlarged picture with me at my favourite place

By the time we done with everything, it was already around 5 pm. We stopped by the souvenir store as my aunt want to buy something back which turned out that she bought almost everything that she touched. ='=

Didn't bought this rock candy in the end because I was too stingy.

Writing about USS really make me miss vacation. I would love to go back there again soon. Boyfriend, do take note of this please. Hehehehe