Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Holiday's over

Because I was bored staying at kampung for almost a week, I decided to get back home way earlier than my family. My lil sister and brother joined me as well. I guess I'm not the only city girl in the family. I do love country side and nature, but my kampung somewhat does not resembles any of it. I guess the getting bored in kampung syndrome is normal because I feel the same almost every year

But I feel like a bad daughter for leaving my parents. 

Anyway, I went to Pizza Hut again yesterday because I was super miss their lasagna and creamy carbonara. But their portion this time really disappoint me. 

I feel cheated

Got myself a new flat which surprisingly come in my size. 

So there goes my 10 days off work. Will be back to work tomorrow and need to adjust back to normal waking hours which no doubt will be a pain for me. But never mind because in less than 10 days, I will off to  Singapore for a short getaway. All by myself. 

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