Monday, June 11, 2012

Lazy Bee

I have been really really lazy lately. I guess it must be the holiday withdrawal syndrome. All I do now are work, eat a bit (it must be a bit only cause I lost another 1kg again, sigh) and sleep. Can you believe it? I've just spend my half of my Sunday awake and stay in pajama all day. Took a shower at night and changed into another pajama again. True story.

The only productive thing I've done today is cleaning my room. And it only because I haven't unpack my luggage from my kampung trip and I need to pack again for my short holiday this coming Friday. Yup, another holiday is coming soon for me and I'm super excited.

I'll be heading to Singapore this Friday. It is a partial solo holiday because I'll meet my aunt there. I can't wait to explore Orchard road and Bugis street and of course the Universal Studio. I'll try to tone down on my shopping spending but I doubt that I can stick to my budget. Budget and me doesn't always goes well together #financialplanningfail

For the past week, I had been staying in almost every nights. It makes me wonder where has the social me had gone? I have zero social life now because I was too lazy to get out. Maybe because I was really tired. I napped soon after I reach home and only wake up for dinner and pakto a bit then off to sleep again. I tried to pick up reading habit again but as expected, nothing can keep my attention for 5 minutes. Few pages later, I closed the book and let it collecting dust on my bedside table.

I'm so motivated to do just nothing.

Truth is, I have so many things on my to-do-list but my oh my, laziness got in the way of everything. Darn it! I should tick off those things one by one before all the lovelies coming back because I foresee the awakening of my zero social life wtf.

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