Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Stands for Final Year Project which has been killing the final year students slowly. In my case, it's about my data analysis. My project is simple actually, I'll be monitoring the survival rate and growth performance of a certain tree species planted under artificial planting project. I would go to my sampling site which is at Gunung Apeng Forest Reserve once a month for data collection. This project had been going on since last October. Sound easy ain't it? But I'm dreading my sampling trip because running up and down the hill while taking measurements is tiring. I always feel like I just had an intensive workout for 4 hours after my sampling trip. Muscle pain, legs sore, I went through it all. 

Fake enthusiasm 

The equipments

Did I mention that my working area is surrounding by forest? I was in the middle of a mount, surrounded by thick forest, taking measurement of the young trees with sweats running down my forehead with no phone signal. It felt like stranded in the middle of nowhere. In case you wonder, there's no toilet too. So, it was a torture not to drink too much water when the heat was killing you. 

Maybe I shouldn't be complaining much, after all I picked this topic myself last year. Truth is, it wasn't so bad. The project was easy, I can analyze my data as soon as I get it, no fuss at all. There were no experiments nor lab work involved, thus I was saved from staying back at the campus. The only thing that bother me is the pressure. Well, they said you can't have everything your way. It's part of parcel of being a student. No use of whining as it won't get the job done. Maybe I should get back to my report writing. 

Oh, I have a presentation for Taxology & Ecology Conference this coming April *gulp* I will present my case study in front of the professionals from other universities. I'm okay with presentation but it's the Q&A session that I dread. These people are professional and I can't bluff about something that I myself didn't even understand. Please cross your finger for me,will you?  :)


  1. Presentation for conference? Wow... you're so lucky being chosen one! :) Congratssss...

  2. Mer, don't think that I'm lucky..huhuhu...the pressure is greater than fyp presentation itself..but thanks :)