Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekend that I miss

The weekend in my home with my family is a typical one. My dad or mom will wake me and the sisters up around 9++ am and told us to get ready for breakfast outing. As usual, we will mumbled or groaned a "yeah" but covered ourselves under the comfy duvet. Another 30 minutes passed and the parents will wake us up again. This time, me and little sis will fight about who should hit the shower first and she will lose every time. So, I will have extra 10-15 minutes sleep while waiting for her to come out of the shower.

The parents will wait patiently in front of the television while us girls getting ready. The wait is usually about 1 hour because us girls can't decide what to wear and the little sis usually change her outfit at least once meanwhile me and second sis need time to do our makeup. Yeah, we're the bimbo sisters. So, by the time we hit the road, it was about noon. Then the breakfast plan will automatically change into lunch plan. 

After a simple lunch, we will shopped around a little and hit home to chill and relax. We will camp in front of the television watching whatever channel that my dad fancied because weekend is his turn to control the remote control and nobody will fight for it with him. Seeing everyone is lazing around, Pino will take this opportunity to "manja" with us. He loves belly rub and and treats. 

If my cousins are in town, the little ones will nag us to take them to Taman Jubli Bukit Aup, a park near my house to feed the fish there. A peaceful stroll in the park while attending the kids, the simple thing in life that make me happy, apart from shopping of course :)

Ok fine, confession: I'm homesick. Just got back to Kuching a week ago and I'm marking my calendar for my next homecoming and it's in freaking MAY. I miss the comfort of home, the craziness of my siblings, the warm love of my parents, the warm barking of Pino, the midnight date with my friends, I miss them all. 

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