Thursday, February 24, 2011


I had made a long list of stuff to pack for my tomorrow trip, I even already plan which bags to bring. Then then, my lecturer posted in our course page in Facebook that we're only allowed to bring ONE (1) bag for a freaking 8 days field trip. ='= what a killjoy. 

Never mind that, Vero and I had another plan in mind. We will bring bags in a bag. Hehe Actually, this field trip was supposed to be done last semester but due to some reasons (budget, timing etc etc) they postponed it to this semester. At first we all got very excited like "yeah, finally, some travelling and one whole week away from classes" But now, when everything is finalized and the trip is tomorrow, suddenly 8 days seems like a very long time. 8 days away from classes, away from Internet (yes, I'm aware that I depend too much on the net, the first thing I do in the morning and the last thing I do at night is surfing the net), and most importantly, 8 days away from friends. In case you're wondering, there are certain friends that I must see at least once a week, be it a simple dinner, a stroll at Waterfront or a wild night at club. Bottom line, I have to meet them and hang out. One whole week without them kinda make me feel empty. With our crazy schedules, it gets even harder to meet everyone nowadays. I even had to say no to Harold tonight because I have to pack and prepare for tomorrow journey.

Plus, I hate travelling for a long journey with bus, I get carsick and it ain't pretty. I'll thrown up and get dizzy and of course grumpy. Finger cross it won't happen tomorrow. Let's look at the bright side, the route for this trip is Batang Ai-Sri Aman-Bintulu-Miri-Kuching. Easy to say that we will cover Sarawak (via road). I never been to Batang Ai before, heard it is a beautiful place. It should be, it is one of the popular tourist site in Sarawak. By the way, this is a combined field trip for 3 subjects which probably means that we have to prepare more than one report. ='= another killjoy.

Hmm, I should start packing now. Oh, I actually have another trip after this trip, it is a getaway trip but I don't want to spill it out now. Scare of jinx, mind you, it happened to me last year. Got excited for nothing, burnt my dad money just like that. So I better keep quiet now.

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