Sunday, February 20, 2011

Getting inked

I always wanted a tattoo. Been giving this matter a lot of thought since last year. I was so determine to get one last year but to no avail. I confided in a friend and he wanted me to wait till my 22nd birthday, just few days after my birthday, he asked me again about my decision and the images of blood and cringe-faced tattoo customers at Ruai tattoo convention in January stalled me. It hurts. 

I even talked to my parents about getting a tattoo and they are very supportive. But my dad has one condition though, no some strange and weird tattoo designs. That's all. He said it will be even better if I get a tribal design, the traditional Iban design. My aunt suggested "Bunga Terung" but I don't really fancy that. Another friend suggested tattooing name on my body. Hmmm, somebody name on my body?? No, thanks. I don't even want to get myself inked with my own name, let alone someone else name.

Recently, my sister asked me again about my decision and I stalled again. I really wanted to get one but I got mixture reaction from my friends. I got one friend whom really against the thought of me getting myself inked. She has one and she hates it. I personally thought she actually hates the design. LOL. 

Looks like I stalled too long and my sister got tired of waiting for me. So, she went to get inked yesterday. 

That's not the original design that she wanted but I love her tattoo. Does it hurts? Hell yeah, it hurts. She said it took about one hour and a half to get this done. Imagine you're getting your ear pierced but without the spray (the one that made your ear cold to lessen the pain) and the process went on for an hour and a half, that's how it felt, she told me. By the way, hers was done with the machine, not the traditional "ketuk" way.

Seeing she got hers done only made me want to get mine done even stronger. Finger cross, I'll get mine before Gawai this year. And I kinda heard that my mom wants to join me as well '___'

Nah, here's the proof that I always wanted to get tattoo. It was the closest attempt that I got. 

Fake tattoo made by glitter ink

Xiao S designed this for me and it lasted for a week

Please ignore my vain attempt. It was back during my Matriculation days. And if I get one done, I won't use my name as my design. I promise.


  1. pretty la ur sister's tattoo. i envy u... if i get one, mom'll kill me effective immediately. hukhuk.

  2. i like her design mom even got more excited than me to get one..hehe..

  3. Hi, Mellisa!

    I look up to you cos you sure have the guts to even thought of doing it! I can't have tattoos sadly, but it's also a blessing cos I don't think I can withstand the infamous pain. Hehe.

    I also think it's hot to have a tattoo on one's back, just above our waists. :)

    Thank you for linking me, by the way! xx

  4. Hi there, Farhanah :)
    thanks for stopping by. Hopefully I won't chicken out by the time to get mine done..hehe..
    welcome, it's my pleasure, love your blog =)