Thursday, October 28, 2010

Why Inside Her Fortress?

My sister often asked me why I named my blog Inside Her Fortress, what the hell my blog's name means? I never actually answer her question, so I guess I owe her the explanation. So, here we go.

Since secondary school, I always wrote down my feeling or anything that I had in mind in my diary. Somehow I find it comforting to put those thoughts into words. As I grew up and too caught up with school and my social life, some where along the line, I kind of forgot the passion of writing anymore. Once when I was cleaning my room back in my hometown, I came across some diaries of mine since secondary school. Rereading what I wrote was fun, it brought back the memories. I realized the 13-years-old me cared a little too much about boys and being popular in school. It must be the teenage hormone. LOL.

When I flipped the diary to its last page, I found that the entry for 2007 is just a page with a good luck quote for myself. Same thing for 2008. During my first year in Unimas, I took a course named Creative Writing where I relived the day of my writing passion. We're encouraged to write whenever we can. So, I started jotting down in my diary again. I stopped writing with pen and book when I moved to my blog.

Since most of the stuffs I wrote are the unspoken thoughts of mine, by jotting it down here, I'm actually giving my readers the chance to go through my thoughts. I changed the name of my blog quite a few times before I settled with Inside Her Fortress. A very close friend of mine once said I'm actually building up a fortress around me to protect myself when it came to feeling and heart matters. Maybe I am. He said he'll guard my fortress well and will not allow any unworthy person to get into it so that I'll stay safe.

What I'd shared here basically are the contents of what I'd kept inside of me but of course not all of it. Unlike blog, I keep my diary private and nobody know what I wrote except maybe my mom ( I suspected she read my diary whenever she cleans my room) and my sisters (or sister). But with this blog, everything goes public. So, basically, I'm exposing what I have in the my fortress and giving you guys the chance to peek in. That's why it is Inside Her Fortress. Get it? Hehehe.

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