Monday, October 25, 2010

When the mind speaks

I don't get why people want to make such a small matter to be a huge ass issue just because we're coming from different background, different belief and different values. I understand if that's your belief and you stands by it but you should never shove your belief down my throat nor trying to justify mine.

I respect you for who you are, those differences never get in the way for all of us to get along. If you find people are alienating you, seriously there's something wrong with you, but I assure you those differences are not the reason. Because me and others get along well despite our different beliefs and background.

You know it's a sensitive issue and yet you're being ignorant or maybe you think what you're believe in is the right one and we all should bow to that. Well, sorry to say, you're just being selfish and showing us what a moron you are. This is a free world. Your kind may rule the country but you don't rule me.

There is no right and wrong in this matter because we believe in different values, it's totally two different paths. You stick to yours and I stick to mine. I never question yours, let alone judging yours. So you should never compare and condemn mine. Like I said, just because we live in the same country and I have to see your ugly face almost everyday, I don't have to kiss you ass and believe in what you believed.

Sorry, you have lost my respect. Yes, I admit that I never like you as in person because you're irresponsible as a student but it's nothing personal. Now, you'd shown me your ugliest side. That's it, you gain no respect at all from me. Not now not ever.

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