Monday, October 18, 2010

Long week

I haven't update much lately. My bad, been busy juggling life. Let's see how I spent my day since I last update. Hmmm, I couldn't recall some of it. So, let's start with last 2 Fridays.

Friday (8 Oct 2010):
Submitted my Basic Finance assignment which drove me crazy. Went out with the mates for a window shopping which turned out to be a long shopping trip. Typical me, 2-3 hours of walking around mall doesn't count as window shopping. Normally, I spent almost half day scouring malls and went home empty handed.

Saturday (9 Oct 2010):
Can't really remember much but I think I was really close to dye my hair. Then I decided that I better save those money. I watched 6 Sense performed at Unimas Convocation concert with the mates. We were soaked in rain but it was fun though I didn't know 6 Sense. It's the company that count.

Sunday (10 Oct 2010):
Out for groceries shopping but I came home with a new tops and zero grocery. Then I took the girls to my aunt's place since my cousins were back and we had a little reunion dinner. Fully bloated that night.

Monday (11 Oct 2010) & Tuesday (12 0ct 2010)
Bad day, my phone broke down. For the first time ever. Damn it. Went for phone window shopping on Tuesday and found one that caught my eyes. But till today, I haven't had the time to buy it yet.

Wednesday (13 Oct 2010):
Went swimming with the mates. We already made the plan to swim since last week but something always got in the way. It was no exceptional that day. It was pouring rain cats and dogs when we were on our way but hell, we're so determine to swim that we waited by the pool till the rain stopped. At night, I bought cake for Abang's birthday. Since it's movie night, we watched The Hole which gave me quite a thrill.

Thursday (14 0ct 2010):
I can't remember what happened.

Friday (15 Oct 2010):
It was Victor's birthday and he seemed upset, so the mates and I met up with him for a simple dinner at 101. One thing led to another, we ended up at Ruai Bar. The birthday boy bought two rounds of beers and 2 bottles of tuak. For the first time ever, I thrown up and got wasted. Lucky I got a friend to drive for me. I skipped the 3rd bottle of Tuak and crashed on bed right after we got home.

Saturday (16 Oct 2010) & Sunday (17 Oct 2010):
Lucky I went all out on Friday because I had to wake up before everyone did for the sake of my Final Year Project. I spent the whole Saturday and Sunday in Mount Apeng, Serian measuring the trees in the friendship forest. My FYP sounds easy but the data-taking process really kills me. But I'm grateful that I had such a great supervisors. Mostly, they took the measurements for me.

If you wonder where had I gone for the past week, now you know what's I'm up to. FYP is starting to takes its toll on me and Final Exam is coming in 3 more weeks. Hell, I should start study now because one of my paper is being push forward on this Wednesday. Wish me luck people.

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