Monday, April 19, 2010

Sharing is Caring

I'm back at campus now. Ask me how my study week was, I'll say it's good, not good because I had study but good because I'm home. The feeling I had when my family sent me off to airport is always the same. It's the heavy feeling like something stomped at my heart. I never this emotion to my family of course. Except there was once when I was still study in Labuan, I was completely melting down and cried my eyes out telling my dad I want to quit study. Dinner that night was a disaster, my brother cried cause he fought with my cousin, my sister cried because we fought, then I cried caused I felt so down. Nobody ate anything that night. My plate of rice was soaked with my tears. People at the other table kept staring at us wondering what happened. Come to think of it, this sound like a perfect scene in a sad drama. Hahaha..who knows my life can be that dramatic. Back at the hotel, my parent consoled me, kept telling me to hang in there for two more months. Yes, I remembered that time was December because they came all the way to Miri to spend the Christmas with me. Seeing my dad holding back his tear to tell me to be strong had really touched me. The next day, they sent me off to airport, I boarded my flight with blurry vision, wiping my tears at my seat.

Up until I enrolled at Unimas, I still feel the same upon leaving home. But I didn't show it, at least not to my parent. I want them to think that their daughter had grown up. Truth is, every night before my departure, I cried myself to sleep. Well now not anymore. After 3 years of studying away from home, I'm kind of get used to this. I still feel sad but no more tears now. Kuching sort of like a second home for me. Plus, after graduating, I'm going to work away from home as well. So, I'm adapting now, very well I must say.

I have my exam this Friday, but heck, I'm far from ready. You know what I had been doing? Blog reading,  of course. There are some blogs (besides my friends's blog..hehe..) that I constantly followed for more than a year now. I'm such a loyal reader..hehe.. I couldn't help it. These people, they are going through the same stage as mine. Studying and trying to live life to the fullest. It's sort of comforting me to know that others are going through the same situations at least once in their life.

So, here I'm going to share the blogs that I'd constantly stalk:

         A Chinese girl whom currently studying in the State. She's crazy and very random. That's why I like her.

        Best friend of Suet or Suet's future sister in law as Suet always mentioned. She's really funny and short  
        too. hahaha..
        Cindy is an avid blogger. I love her blog because of her writing style. Plus, she updates it frequently.
        Her blog was featured in CLEO last two years. That's how I came across her blog and the rest is                   
        history. She's a devoted young workaholic which inspires me.
        A medical student in Makassar. To say this girl is random is an understatement. She's so funny and 
        wicked too. 

Actually there's a lot more blogs that I'd visited, but I guess these five blogs will do for now. I'll share more next time. Notice that these bloggers are all girls and majority are students? I guess that why I like their blogs, they talked about student life and clothes and music and make up, basically anything that a girl would love.
Anyway, do enjoy their blogs. In the meantime, I'll be working my ass off for my final. 

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