Thursday, April 29, 2010

I love my parents

My parents are the most wonderful persons ever.
Of course not because they always get me what I want.
Although that is actually the major reason. : )
It's because they love me.
I'm blessed.
Even when we're miles apart, they never forget me when they are shopping.

Even my mom took the liberty to call me at freaking 9 in the morning, 
just to ask me this,
"What is your shoes size?"

That question instantly woke me up.
They were attacking Lea Center for it's half price sale.
And they included me in their shopping list.

And my dad mailed me the stuffs that they bought for me.
Told you, my parents are awesome. <3

This arrived the next day.

Tore it open and I found this.

Love this very much.

Dear mom and dad, 
thanks for loving your daughter so much,
I'll make you proud one day.

your very grateful daughter.

P/S: I got kicked out from my college.

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