Saturday, December 26, 2009

~Christmas Vacation~

 Merry Christmas!!!

I just got back from my friend wedding 2 days ago, barely have any time to unpack and prepare for Christmas. My family is not really into all this Christmas thing, well except for me and my sisters of course. So, like any other years, it was just a simple Christmas for us. Family bonding and spending time together over a brief meal and we did went visiting. Really fun it was.

Speaking of the wedding. it was a fabulous one. A great adventure for me to travel all the way to Uma Bakah, Belaga. I super love the traditional wedding, making me secretly wanting a traditional wedding too when it's mu turn..hehe..The people there are really friendly and helpful too. Despite some difficulties that we encountered during the visit, the bumpy ride, the weather, our sleeping was all worth it for such an experience. Will upload pictures later on because guess what???  

I have to pack again. For my family vacation. My aunt had invited us to spend the holiday at her place in Tutong, Brunei. I hadn't been the for like 5 years. Not that I really miss that place, I mean Tutong is just like a small town. But I'm looking forward to spend some time with the family before I'm packing for Kuching. Plus, Dad say we will further the jorney to Sabah and Limbang and spend a day or two in Miri. Am really excited to sight-seeing and shopping.

My parent and the boys are already on their way to Miri. Where else we the girls will take off with the evening flight later on. Have to pack now, bye!

And Happy New Year too

Just in case if I can't online before New Year.
Will be back on 1st of January 2010.

P/S: If you can't get to me through my phone, you can try my Facebook. *wink*

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