Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Divert and take a scenic route

Been trying to study whole night but I can't seem to put my mind to it. Most probably because I was in Cais. I can never study when I'm surrounded with my friends ( and Internet as well). Though so, I didn't feel like my time was wasted. I had fun spending time with my friends regardless who they are. The laughter seem to never stop when I was with them. God blessed me for crossing my path with them.

I can't believe that in exactly 12 days, this semester will be over. Time flies when you are happy, isn't it? The Earth never stop to revolve regardless what happened in this world. One thing that I can't bring myself to ignore is the fact that my friendship with a very best friend of mine had degraded to one point that I feel like a stranger to her. We used to be really close before, when there's me, sure there's her as well. Could it be the fact that we didn't have class together this semester be the factor of this? I doubt that. She doesn't seem like herself lately, being over-sensitive all the time. Even now I can't be myself when I'm around her as if any of my unintended remark or action might provoke her. Sure before this I wouldn't mind to reach out to her, but endless rejections when I asked her to hang out had put an end to my effort. We still see each other on regular basis though, but wouldn't be the same anymore. Could the lost spark in our friendship be restore? Perhaps. But I'm very grateful for other friends that I have. They colored my life in their own way. Besides enjoying the similarities between us, we respect the differences too.

I had learned a lot this semester, not just in the class I mean. Now I can see the world in different angles, I may not like what I saw, but I can learned to accept it. The shades of life is not just black and white. It's more than that. One thing for sure, a year ago, you can never spot me to initiate the first step to come up to people, but now you will see me laughing with them like I had known them forever. I learned to accept others and brush aside others flaw and appreciate their contribution in my life. Though some people can be total pain in the ass.

On the other note, I had done two of my papers for the final. Can't say much though. I did my best and lets just let them decide. I really hope I can get better result than my last semester. I had left a bad mark on my result slip last semester and finger cross that this one is going to be better. 4 more papers to go. Am holding on tight here and striving hard. Procrastination and laziness, stay away from me. I had prepared my shield and kelvar jacket to fight you.

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