Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Eloping to Italy

That's the unexpected plan Facebook offered me. After choosing to be offline for quite sometime from Facebook chat, I decided to go online for the chat last night. A friend post something on my wall and had raised the interest of many, but that is not the 'hot' thing yet.

B approached me through the chat box and we talked about the issue: clubbing. Then he suddenly mentioned about his result in an application in the Facebook. He found out about he will marry me in Europe. Since it was all joke, so I played along. Suddenly he got this crazy idea. He sent me a request to confirm him as my boyfriend. How shocked I was. His friends started to bombard him with question after he published his update. What a hot topic it was. Everybody came up with their own theories.

The idea sound fun but the joke was too big, so I said no. I cannot afford the risk as I clearly know that it will result in a very deep misunderstanding. The request still remain in my notification and his haven't change his status as well. He did asked what I want him to do with the status, change it back to single or remain in the relationship. I really didn't know how to answer, so I left it for him to decide, after all it's his idea in the first place.

I have to admit. Facebook really does connecting people. I had been in the same class with a friend for over a year and a half, still I didn't have his number. We only managed to exchange it yesterday. Thank you to whoever inventing Facebook, you did me a great favor. Connecting people around the world. Now I sound like TM Net commercial. Holiday day 2 and I'm already bored. I have a feeling this is going to be a really long holiday, not in  a good way though.

P/S: I'm thinking of a new haircut...perhaps I should pay the saloon a visit.

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