Thursday, November 19, 2009

Love , anybody?

I just wondered, can people just fall in love without knowing  (or seeing) the real particular person? Okay, admiring the picture on the internet doesn't count as seeing the real person. You should at least saw her/him once in your life. I kept on pondering with this thought and realized this concept doesn't work on me. Love at first sight, acceptable. Love at first glance at others picture and never see the real person live, ridiculous. So, stop claiming how much you love someone that you never met in your whole life. Fact is, you don't even know them, how they behave in real life, what they like to eat, how they walk, what their habit and so on.

It is pathetic to beg for love from someone you don't know.  If you are looking for love, perhaps you should start with people around you, people that you can actually talk face to face with. For me, love (as in relationship) is not merely just a feeling, it's a bonding, a commitment but the commitment is not as big as marriage tho. Honestly, I never actually fell in love. What I experienced before this was just crush which never last for more than one month, or three months top. Then, there is one particular person came to my life. He is different from normal guys, not that he is not normal, okay. Truth is, I don't know how to describe him. I admit, before this, I know nothing about him albeit the fact that I had known him for over a year and a half. Only recently or precisely four months ago we started to get to know each other.

It felt so easy to talk (with the help of technology of course) to him. We basically talked about everything under the sun and I like it when he listened to what I got to say without being judgmental. He is quite honest too, I guess, since he is not afraid to correct me when I was wrong. Even if his little piece of advice is not that what my ears like to hear, I admire the gut he had. Sometimes, it felt like he is the best friend that I had known for long, very easy it is for both of us to share our life stories. Both of us are looking forward for our actual 'hang out' session. For the time being, we both opt for a low profile 'meeting' considering the 'controversial' we might caused later on.

To tell the truth, I don't know where am I heading for this. But I like where I am right now. Being carefree and enjoy what comes in my way even if I shed tears along the way, at least I get some lessons from it. The uncertainty did get on my nerves but I tried my best to look at the bright side. Have faith with the future.

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