Thursday, August 18, 2016

Life Update

A selfie of me to start off the post because I haven't post my own selfie on this site for a very long time. As of late, most of my post are either backdated or review which has nothing to do with my current life update. I remembered I used to religiously update my blog with whatever is happening in my life but as I grow older, somehow I've lost my writing mojo and become more private. Ah, I miss those carefree day.

In my attempt to revive my blog, so I guess I should update about my current life here as a start. This year is a very exciting year for me personally. From a 'Miss' now I am a " Mrs". I have been married for 2 months but I haven't even update about my wedding here. Pardon the laziness in me and I also have a very legit reason, okay!

Backtrack to 2 months back, I tied the knot with the fiance on 06/06/2016. We chose this date not because it is a special date for us but because this is the date that can accommodate everybody specially for outstation family members. Trust me guys, wedding is not just about the couple. There are so much stuff that we need to consider and put into consideration so that every parties are satisfied. I was very close to meltdown a day before my wedding because of the stress and everything are just to overwhelming for me.

Preparation wise we were doing good because we only want a simple reception with close family and friends. If it were up to me, I would skip the reception and just elope somewhere. Easy and stress free, except that when your fiance is the first male to wed in his generation, you can forget everything about about your dream wedding. The family for sure will take over everything and there is no escape from tradition.

I am a very laid back person and would rather planning my holiday than planning my wedding. So I have no problem to leave the preparation to the fiance's family members. But what's drove me over the wall is the unnecessary advice and comments. To make thing even worst, these advice came from those who think they know it all. *roll eyes* The best that I could do in such situation is to just distant myself away because seriously no use of letting them get to my nerves. But I'm really grateful for the fiance (now husband) to be so accommodating to me. He listened to my rants, changed anything to suit my wants and basically been letting me having things in my way.

Not sure if I was really overwhelm or what but leading up to the day of my wedding, I had no feeling at all. Not excitement, no adrenaline rush even the night before. I guess I was just too tired and wanted to get this wedding over with. But on the morning of the wedding itself, I started to get jittery in the stomach and super nervous. And worst I got sore throat and slightly feverish. Luckily I downed a heavy dose of Vitamin C and felt a lot better when the groom entourage reached my house.

With my family

Our new room

Us during the reception

I will do a separate post for my wedding day because it will be too long to write in this post and also I haven't sort through all of photos from that day. We both wanted to post photos first in Facebook because everyone been asking about it but we are only halfway through sorting the photos *shifty eyes* 

So here's a little snippet of our pre-wedding photos. We signed the package with France Taipei Kuching last year during their promotion period. I admitted that I really not into planning wedding because we signed the package on the spot and France Taipei Kuching was the first booth that we sat down at. I didn't even bother to do further research or read review online about the bridal company that we chose. Only after we signed the package and I told my friends about it, everyone been giving me bad reviews about France Taipei. Fortunately everything turned out well for us and of course I will dedicate another post for this soon. 

This is actually my favourite photo from the day

Sorry for the blur quality because we haven't receive the soft copies yet. These photos are cropped from the pdf file that they sent us for approval. The photoshoot was done back in May and we will receive our albums and soft copies tomorrow. 

We sealed the deal and became legal on 16/05/2016. 

One question for married couple out there, when is your wedding anniversary date? Your ROM date or your wedding reception date? I was confused about this but I chose ROM as anniversary date because that is the date that we're legally married. Anyway, we're not big on anniversary so it doesn't really matter. 

How's life after married you ask? 

Well, nothing change much for us except that I miss my old room and my dog. Maybe I do a 'A day in my life after married' post. Maybe okay, just maybe because I have so much stuff to blog about. Feel so good to be able to write again!

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