Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Stanley | Hong Kong

I have zero expectation of Stanley prior visiting because I was not the one doing the itinerary for the trip. Our main purpose for going there is to have lunch at King Ludwig Beerhall for its famous German pork knuckle. 

We took bus from Central which I already forgot what number is the bus. It is certainly not because I am blogging this 4 months after the trip but because my friend was the one doing all the planning for us since he been to Hong Kong before.

The bus station was quite far away from the MTR station. It was a long but enjoyable walk because of the cold breeze. If we were to walk under the hot sun, we sure look like a hot mess when we reached the bus station.

On the double decker bus and we picked the front seat which has full view of the surrounding

From what I saw, Stanley is like the Upper East Side in Manhattan. Sports cars were everywhere, fancy condominium overlooking the sea, girls trotting Chanel while walking their poodles.

It is a quaint place and definitely a great place to retire if you can afford the condo their. We saw the ad for condo and it was like RM8K per night. Holy moly!

The market that selling little knick knack for tourist. The further we walked to the left side, the greater the view and that's where high end restaurants are located.

The gorgeous backdrop of blue ocean will definitely a perfect wedding photo shoot background.

The place is serene and beautiful indeed but in terms of activity, there are nothing much to do except to immerse yourself in ocean, dining at the restaurant, grab a coffee at Starbucks or do a little shopping at H&M.

I guess Stanley is my friend's favorite place of all because that's where she was proposed to.

Love bird

Done with lunch and sight seeing, we went back to town and went up the hill to Victory Peak.

Till next post then.

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