Wednesday, April 6, 2016

My episode of UTI

So this is what happened to me last Sunday.

I woke up late and rushed through lunch and forgot to drink water. I had chicken soup for lunch and thought it was enough la. Normally I have a glass of water once I woke up but that day I was rushing. We had quite a busy day ahead of us from picking up the bf's sister from airport, buying grocery with his mom and visiting his grandparents.

Then the super hot weather also not helping. I suddenly feel the pain ermmm down there. It was not exactly pain la but more like discomfort and had the urge to pee but no pee or very little pee came out. Sorry ar, this is a little too tmi.

So I've concluded that it must be because of my lack of water consuming and my body was dehydrated. To make up for it, I've downed lots of water. The urge to pee came even more frequently and it was really really uncomfortable down there when I was peeing.

I thought nothing of it and continued to drink as much as I can. Then Monday morning I woke up with abdominal pain and the same discomfort down there. It didn't matter how much fluids I was drinking. going to the toilet was a pain in the ass.

I got curious and Googled UTI symptoms since I know some people who had it before. I've got:

- Burning sensation when peeing
- Frequent urge to pee but very little urine
- Abdominal pain

Then that afternoon, I had blood in my urine wtf. That was when I was 90% confirm that I have UTI. Went to the doctor after work and they took my urine test.

And yes, I got UTI or more specifically cystitis. Got prescribed antibiotic and now everything is slowly getting better. No more blood in urine, no more abdominal pain and less discomfort down there.

I'm so grateful that this is just a minor infection. So ladies, listen up. Never took your health for granted. Always always take good care of your body and hygiene. After this episode, I am really anal about cleanliness, been washing my hand multiple times per day and really take care of my lady part.

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