Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Nutri Juice detox

This is a very long overdue post. I know, it's my laziness that got in the way of my writing. That's why I have zero entry in October. But I have my reason. I update my daily life snippet in my Dayre because it is so much more convenience. Anyway, back to the topic of my post today. I'm very into healthy lifestyle as of late. I figure if I'm too lazy to work out, the very least that I should do is watching my diet. That's how I got into juicing in the first place.

Every weekend I would buy fruits in bulk for juicing. I would wash and cut my fruits and juice it into bottles. Since I make my juice fresh, I can't make in bulk. Normally, I prepare 2-4 bottles for 2 days worth of juice. Then I have to repeat the same process after 2 days. Enjoyable? Yes, for the first few times. But after awhile, I got tired because I have to clean the kitchen and the juicer.

Lucky for me, my friend Sara started her healthy juice business called Nutri Juice. It is like the universe is listening to my plight. I was so happy when she started Nutri Juice because that means that I now can have my juice fresh and deliver to me with just a few text messages.

Got my fresh juices delivered to my house for my detox.

Nutri Juice offers an affordable daily cleanse program which is what I chose. I decided to try detox on weekend because it is easier for me. 

These are the juices that I chose. I can't decide which one is my favorite, it's a tie between Super Yellow and Summer Orange Glow.

Taking my first sip of The Healing Son which is their new juice menu. It's a mix of papaya and raw veggies. This one is super filling and I felt full for the whole day.

On to my second bottle of day

The third one

The forth one

The fifth one

No photo for Green Punch because I gulped it down too fast. I was hungry, guys. Anyway, I'm really happy with my detox day. It really does help my bowel movement because everything went down smoothly hahahhaa. 

I think for you to see the obvious result of detox, you have to do it for at least 3 consecutive days and strictly no solid food. So, if any of you interested to try cold pressed juice, feel free to contact Nutri Juice and share your experience with me.


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