Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Kid grows so fast

I was looking through photos in my camera last night and found lots of Danish growing up photos. Looking back at those photos, he looked so young and still a tiny teeny toddler.
Fast forward a year later, he can speak better and can talk non stop. Looking through his photos just makes my heart melts.

I'm not really a kid person but seeing Danish for the first time is really a love at first sight for me. I immediately fall in love with this giant baby.

That silky smooth skin has been machine-gun kissed lots by me hahahhaa

Every time he came over to my house, my room is his playground and his favorite toy is my camera ='=
Since then I've deleted hundreds and hundreds of blurry shots and out of focus photos taken by him.

This is him trying to take the camera away from me

This was taken a year ago. He was so cute and still have his baby fats.

He literally climbed everything in my room.

This was taken early last year, the baby boy was eating on my bed ='=

Rummaging through my shelf and read my books.

Last month he was staying over at my house and doing what he like best in my room ie; rummaging my book shelf. We read the book together but this time he recognized some numbers and alphabets too.
He even can pointed to my air flow and said "circle"
His current favorite song is the shape song, so he's been busy pointing to different thing with different shapes.

That is when I realized that Danish is no longer a clueless toddler. He understands so much and can perfectly conversing with us. My Danish is growing up so fast.

It is impossible to take a good photo with him now

The only way to get still photo of him is when he's concentrating on his cartoon

Or when he is sulking 

This is taken today for his pre-kindergarten class next year hahahahah

I really love this kid <3 p="">
Can't imagine how will I be when I have kids on my own, I'll probably be an obsess mom. 

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