Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Penang Day 3: Street Art & Cycling

Note: Photos heavy post below

Day 3 of my Penang trip. Our plan for the day is just to sight seeing before catching our flight back to KL in the evening. 

But first, we hunt for breakfast. My friend found an old school cafe that serves old school breakfast. Think half boiled eggs/ charcoal toast and kaya.

It was just a few blocks from our hostel. 

Here we are

Toh Soon Cafe located at Campbell St Mall

It was super packed with tourists and senior citizens so we shared table with an uncle.

Why my camera chose to focus on my ice Milo? ='=

Love my floral frame sun glass which I got at the airport specifically for this trip

My ice Milo and kaya toast. So old school yet so tasty

Our whole spread

We had planned to rent a bike for sight seeing and hunting for street art. After all, that's what Penang is popular for aside from its food. I had not been on a bicycle for more than 10 years and was so happy to ride on an actual road with traffic. wtf

My bike, cute or not? Got basket and bell some more.

Thank God Penang road is good and the tarmac is even and they have bicycle lanes.

The only downside was that I wish I had brought along hat with me. The sun was shining bright and it was super hot. I made bad choices by wearing black top and forgot my sunblock. Oh, I forgot to bring water too. FML

First art spotted just a few blocks away

Most of the arts are scattered around Armenian Street. Every corners that you turn to, you bound to find some art/mural on the wall.

Even the shop owner also got creative

This is actually one of my favorite. It says "Kah lu kong Hokkien" means teach you speak Hokkien.

This is the popular one, kids on the bicycle.

It's obvious that these mural are getting old because some of the paint peeled and faded already.

Back alley that we cycled through

No water never mind, I got my watermelon.

Cold watermelon on super hot day was such a bliss.

A Chinese minion lolol

We cycled to the jetty and hang out there for awhile.

Asam popsicle for the hot day

Never thought that this mural is so secluded among the cafes. One could easily miss this spot amidst the chaos cafes. 


Our final stop on the cycling adventure is a cafe called China House which deserves a post on its own. I've covered most of the street arts in Penang but too bad I can't say the same of its food. Definitely will come back again in the future. 

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