Tuesday, December 30, 2014

China House, Penang

This will be the last installment for my Penang trip. This post has been sitting in my draft for almost a month and I want to clear my draft to wrap up my 2014. Anyway, back to my day 3 in Penang. Our last stop before heading to the airport is China House.

Parked our bikes outside the cafe. Feeling super retro now that I look back at our bikes.

The cafe itself is nestled among the old school shop lots. Apparently it is quite popular among tourists and it was full house when we arrived. 

When the bff said China House will be our last stop for our cycling tour, I merely just replied "okay".

Truth is I have no idea what to expect. Plus, I'm way more excited about cycling la because I haven't been on a bicycle for more than 10 years. I never own a bicycle when I was a kid :( 

The sight that greeted us when we walked in. Rows and rows of cakes. I have never see so much cakes in a cafe before and this is just half of it.

Sorry for the blur photo. I was walking and snapping away because the alley is narrow and packed with patrons and waitresses walking.

The cafe is narrow as seen above and stretches long to the back. It is as if I'm walking in an alley and entering different places along the way. The cafe is an assorted of open air/ recreation area/music cafe/garden and so on.

Yup, a functioning table tennis in middle of the cafe. The bff even played a few games of table tennis there.

Posing in front of the washroom and next to the trash bin wtf. I couldn't believe I chose to pose for photo here.

We walked further to the back and entered a  garden like below.

Since most Malaysian hate to be under the sun, naturally the whole garden was deserted.

It will be perfect for an evening tea but too bad we came in the sunny hot afternoon.

We walked pass the garden and came to an art section of the cafe where they sell handmade accessories and sometimes they have live music or live band playing I think. This one I'm not too sure of. I just saw the sign of performance and music scattered in the area. Or maybe they just use it as decors.

The sign said "Someone told us that we live in a dishonest world, so we are here to prove them wrong"

True enough, the accessories were on display without observation. So if you see anything that you like, you just pick it up and walk away. hahahha kidding guys!

You pay accordingly to the price list and put you Ringgit in tin provided. They provide wrappers too, so you wrap your own accessories la okay.

This is the very last section of the cafe, Not quite sure if they have another entrance here or not because it is quite isolated and private, only a table of patrons there at that time, so we did  not explore further.

Somemore, we were thirsty.

I'm completing the Chines character "Fu" which means happiness. Let's hope my 2015 starts off with lots of "fu"

Another eccentric decor at the garden.

I was right! They do have music performance at night. Too bad I couldn't check it out, next time then.

They have second story too but I didn't check it out.

I had the best salted caramel cake there. So yummy. I have tuna bruschetta too and I quite like it.

Since it was a short visit, I didn't try much of the food. So I can't say much about it. But overall, I would love to visit again and this time take my time to enjoy the ambiance and the food. 

If you love to drop by, here's the address:

China House Penang
Address: 153, Lebuh Pantai, Georgetown, 10300 Georgetown, Pulau Pinang

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