Monday, December 29, 2014

My 2014 Christmas

A quick post before I retreat to bed. It is raining since 6pm till now (10.23pm) and my bed and comfy blanket is calling for me. This will be a short recap of my Christmas 2014. Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year simply because it makes me happy. Everyone is extra mushy and the weather is perfect because it rains most of the days and I just feel thankful for everything as I tend to reflect my year on the December especially when the new year is drawing near.

My Christmas tree is up on the third week of December. It is the same tree from the previous year with the same ornaments. Next year I'm gonna upgrade the tree and get a bigger one and get a theme for my ornaments. 

If I have a family of my own one day, I'm gonna instill the spirit of Christmas in them. We'll exchange gifts, write letters to Santa, open advent calender, have Christmas dinner, wear Christmas pjs and appreciate the togetherness of everyone.

If you're wondering why I don't start now instead of waiting for my own family to start the tradition, it is because not everyone in the family share the same love of Christmas with me. So, it will better to instill the spirit since young.

Steamboat on a rainy day for a friend's birthday. You can tell that we are all growing old up by the way we celebrate birthdays. Last time it was all about party and club but now it is a nice meal with loved ones. 

I hope this is not a sign that we are growing old and another step closer to be a boring person. T_T

Kompia for afternoon tea break on Christmas Day. So not Christmassy, I know.

My Bak Kut Teh lunch last week since I'm sharing about food here. You know the economy is bad when the price is marked up but the ingredients are cut down. Sucks :(

Walking my furry boy when it is not raining. Sorry you get VIP view to his asshole lolololol

The next day after Christmas I flew to Miri to join my family for a wedding dinner. It was a very last minute decision because I actually planned to stay in Sibu since I got something up here. But I haven't see my cousins in such a long time as we used to spend Christmas/new year together when I was still a student.

Attempting red lip and I quite like it. The lipstick is from Sephora and the color is ermm Red hahahaha. Good job on being straightforward with name Sephora.

Le cousin plus siblings.

With my brother that I flown in to surprise my dad. My parents were sure surprised to find him knocking on their hotel room in the morning. #successkid.jpg

The complete siblings set. From the eldest to youngest (from left to right)

Our whole family.

With le cousins <3 p="">
Posted this in my Dayre and it forced me to crop out my face, so repost here again. My dad now is such a Starbucks convert. He is the ones that always suggest for Starbucks every time we're in Miri or Kuching.

My dad birthday is on the last day of the year, so we throw a little early surprise for him since everyone are in town. We really nailed the surprise this year because he saw none of it coming or he is just really good at hiding it hahahha

This sums up my Christmas week and now I'm back to my daily grind. I'm really excited about the new year because it means a clean slate to start all over again for me. I've already starting to clear out documents at work to welcome the new year. 

Every year I set new year resolutions for myself and every year I've failed. Besides, my resolutions have not change for the past 3 years. It is always : 1) Save more money, control my spending 2) Get back to healthy lifestyle 3) Travel often.

Well, this time I'm gonna do it differently and I'll write another post for that.

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