Sunday, June 16, 2013

Weekly Recap #1

Nothing really exciting going on in my life this week as I had been down with mild fever and fucking nonstop hardcore coughing. Sigh, it must be the combination of overly hot weather + lack of sleep last week. Every now and then, I could feel that my body is burning hot inside, if you know what I mean. My breath is hot and nasal and throat feel hot too. I've watched everything that I've eaten this week (last Thursday's KFC is an exception because I wanted it so much) and drink only hot lemon and water but still, no progress. I even religiously took Scott's Emulsion to build a stronger antibody. 

What even worst is that I couldn't get a good night sleep these past two days. I was really anticipating weekend because this weekend is the only free weekend for me with nothing lining up but the fact that I couldn't sleep well at night already ruined my mood. The worst was on Friday night, I went yamcha with my girl friends and I almost lost my voice. Then I couldn't sleep AT ALL at night. I was probably overdose with cough syrup too because I took a big gulp of two different cough syrup within half an hour. I was tossing here and there on bed, frustrated because my body was so tired but my mind was wide awake. I only slept around 5-ish in the morning and feel even awful waking up at noon. 

My girl friend and me with her puffy cheeks

I'm currently working on a secret project of mine which is something that I have always wanted to start. I'm so excited but it still a long way to go as there are a lot of things that I need to finalize but once it is ready, I sure will share it with you guys. Finger cross everything will goes smoothly.

Other than that, I'm very excited for my mid year vacation soon with the bf. Only one more week to go for my much needed holiday. The only downside is that I realize I will miss Rainforest World Music Festival this year. I thought RWMF is in July but it is on the end of June which clashes with my holiday. That's a bummer but one can't have it all, ain't it?

At Father's Day lunch today
Am so in love with this dress but too tired to take any full length picture because I still feel sick

Gonna hit the sack early tonight to prepare for another round of tossing-here-and-there-till-my-mind-is-tired-enough-to-sleep because I need to work tomorrow. Bye!

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