Saturday, June 15, 2013

Vero's Wedding

A week late update on my best friend from Uni, Vero's wedding reception.
Because I got sick the day after her reception because when you got the chance to reunite
with your party friends after years of not partying together, you will
simply ignore the fact that you're too old to party hard like before.
Who said growing up old is fun?

With my dayung/flatmate in Uni/best friend, Angie

The newlywed, Vero & Lester

It was a great and intimate reception and we're so happy to finally meet up with everyone from Uni again.
Last time I saw all of them was during our graduation day and now everyone scatters around Sarawak settling down with our jobs.

The three of us <3 p="">

I really miss living together with the girls, we practically glued together during our final year in Uni.
If you been reading my blog since yearss ago, you probably had read lots of our adventures together.

Bern, me, Vero and Angie 

My ootd

Dress: Lil Sis's
Necklace: Bangkok
Heels: Emilio Valentino

This is my friends all from Uni <3 much="" p="" so="" them="">

We were seated at two tables next to each other but apparently we hated being separated and began cramming together at one table. Typical us lol.

Fred and wife

Dez and Angie

And a selfie of me to end the blog

I'm so happy that one of my best friend is trying the knot with the love of her life now. It just feel like yesterday we were going to classes together and now we are all knowing and starting a new chapter in our life. Cheers to a new phase <3 p="">

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