Saturday, June 22, 2013

Travel woes

I have been very very excited about leaving behind work for a week and just enjoy myself shopping and roaming around the streets of some new places. But my excitement kinda die when the Indonesia decided to get rid of forest by slash and burn in Sumatra for the development of their crop. This irresponsible act has jeopardize the air in their neighbors country, Singapore (which is badly affected, the PSI yesterday reached 400 which is hazardous level) and some states in West Malaysia.

Coincidence enough, those are all the places that I'll be going to tomorrow. I have planned this since last year, to take a week off and just travel across the states from KL and down to Singapore. But the irresponsible party just ruin everything. I don't know the rules and law in that country but it is common sense to know that burning the forest will cause terrible air pollution and haze. It's okay if their people are actually accepts the fact that they will live in such a polluted environment but why never think of other people outside of their country? Hmm hello, smoke can travel across country, you know? And why is it okay to use the slash and burn technique on your crops? Did the management never learn the environmental impact assessment? It's like the basic of everything. I still have my notes on EIA if they want to learn the basic? *totally in rage*

I had just recovered from a bad cough this week and don't want to be sick again especially when I'm travelling. The bf had been updating me with the haze in Melaka and it's not pretty. It's been few days but still hazy. And I guess it is pretty bad in Johor too. And to think that I'll be in that haze to shop and eat, I already feeling pretty sick.

And I just bought my Universal Studio Singapore tickets last few weeks. T_T How to enjoy outdoor like that the air is not clearing out? Lucky the tickets valid till December, so I'll probably will have to cancel everything. Also I just found out last week that I will miss Rainforest World Music Festival too because of my USS plan. First I thought, that's okay if I miss RWMF, at least I can have some fun at USS, but now I'll be missing both. *fucking piss off*

I really really hope the haze will be clear in the next few days. And I also hope karma will get back to whoever cause this haze. (You fucking know who you are)

Bye, I got to pack now.

Oh, if anyone have any tips or must do/ must eat things in Melaka/Johor/Singapore, feel free to let me know.
Thanks in advance. Bye

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