Sunday, May 5, 2013

Thai Food | Sushi Tie | Baba & Siam

I'm still on the look out for a nice and authentic Thai food in my hometown but to no avail. The tomyam doesn't taste the same and I miss it so much. There was once I have this crazy idea to just go back to Bangkok to have their food once again for a weekend. Since I still couldn't find one that meet the standard, I try to create one. Well, with my domestic skill, you should have know the result without me telling you.

 Found this awesome cube at my local supermarket which ease up my Thai food craving

The ingredients to recreate the taste. It was close but did not hit home.

I always love breakfast but often find myself torn between looking good for work or feeling energized to start the day ahead. I admit that I'm vain so yeah, I spent most time in the morning making myself look good and only sip a cup of milk tea before rushing out for work.

Most of the time, I just ate hard boiled egg since it is super easy to boil. Takes only 1 minute to put the water and egg in the pot. Can do make up or drying hair while waiting for it to boil.

But on weekend, I love to treat myself well. Scrambled egg, bananas and smoke bacon and of course my tea.


I have this weird craving thing which goes like I will crave for certain food this week, another food next week and the circle will just goes round. The usual craves are sushi, spaghetti, pizzas and tomyam.

 First time trying ramen at Sushi Tie. 

And these are my usual spread at Sushi Tie


On Labor Day is actually is my sister birthday, so as usual, we went out for celebration. Location this time is Baba & Siam Cafe. I used to frequent this cafe a lot last year until they closed down their branch at downtown. Since then, I kinda forget about this place until recently.

The food was a disappointment to all of us. They used to have great food but now everything just mediocre. However, their service still up to par. It is a great place for hang out but not to dine, I guess.

My sister's cake

This is the true scene when we were out dining, everyone were on their phones except my mom. #truestory.

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