Monday, May 13, 2013

Book review: A Twist of Fate by Joanna Rees

This book has been lying around my room since last September I think. My sister got it because it was on sale in Popular. I'm more like a mystery or chick literature kinda of girl. A Twist of Fate is something different than that. I'm new to Joanna Rees, so I have nothing to expect from her.

Here's what I thought about the novel:

How absurd it is when a flip of coin can change two little girls' futures? One was left at an orphanage being slaved away and abused, physically and emotionally while the other lived a happy life as one of the most powerful man in the corporate world's daughter, being showered with love and the comfort of life. But live has a funny way for you to uncover the truth. Romy, the orphan was determined to break away from the devil and get her freedom. Little did she knew, the journey to freedom involved killing and sacrificing her best friend, masking her gender and lying about her past. But that doesn't stop her. Being scouted by a famous photographer when Romy finally escaped her past (or so she thought) had turned her into the world supermodel.

Meahwhile for Thea, the rich and happy girl. Her world turned gloomy when her mother died and her dad remarried. Her half-brother, Brett has ruined everything for her, taking away her father attention and her virginity too. Life was hard for Thea and Brett had been haunting her. She went away for college thinking she could left the world that was once belongs to her. However, Brett's plan doesn't stop from raping Thea, he wanted more, he wanted the power and money that Thea's father has.

But a supermodel can't stay as supermodel forever, can't they? And Thea can't avoiding Bret her whole life too. There comes a time when they have to face their biggest fear. I love how Joanna Rees twisting the plot along the way. It just kept me wondering more and more till I couldn't put down the book. It was like watching a movie and when the character has finally found her happiness, you just kept keeping your fingers crossed that nothing will jinx it. Well, happily ever after doesn't really exists. This is definitely a well-written book with great story line and Joanna Rees sure know how to play with her readers feelings.

I say this book worth a reading. :)