Thursday, December 9, 2010

November babies

The other day when I was talking to Harold, he mentioned that most of our friends were born around January and November. You see, it is at the start of the year and the end of the year. Around November every year, well since Matriculation, we're sitting for our final exam and thus the November babies will have their celebration with the next birthday, which was 2 months late as the next celebration was on January. But we made it different this year because everyone deserves a birthday bash on that special day (or at least on that month)

Harold's birthday

Top right: Khai's
Bottom from left to right: Angie's, Amy's and Sharifah's.

During Harold's birthday, we had a simple celebration at McDonald. But nothing spelled simple that night because we had a blast laughing and talking. After stuffing ourselves, we strolled the along Kuching Waterfront. It was late (or early maybe, around 3am, you decide :p) and the road was deserted. We're cold but that didn't stopped us. We continued the chitchat session at Family's Cafe and only went home when the sun was rising. 

For the next celebration, we went for steamboat at Heritage. Food and friends, it was a great combination.

Of course the night didn't end there. We went to catch Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollow. Honestly, they talked too much in this movie. I want to see magic and I miss Hogwart and Quidditch but what to do, Harry is growing up and growing old.  

Vero and I got sidetracked by the Christmas tree

See, Christmas tree made me happy.

Pictures are from Lulu's and Carol's camera. Some are stolen from Harold's Facebook. :)

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