Monday, July 6, 2009

Leaving On The Jet Plane

My holiday is officially over.

Right now I'm typing this from my new room. Yes, I'm back in Kuching. And I'm terribly homesick. I want to be independent and learn to stand on my own feet, but do I have to go this far (I know Kuching and Sibu is not that far away, just 40 mins flight away) to prove it? Why can't I stay close to home and be independent and study at the same time???

A 2 months holiday is not as good as you think it is. It maybe gave you enough time to relax till you feel bored to death, it took all yours exam pressure away, it let you be close to your family. But in the end, it showed you its evil twist. When the comfort of home grew on you, it forced you to leave all those behind. Leave your love ones at home and stay at a crappy apartmant room.

I miss all this....


Fuck it. Just when I'm in the mood to share my emoness, this fucking broadband takes forever to upload my picture. Screw it, this is going to be another post without pics.

Okay, i really miss all this....
* my family
* Pino
* my home...argh..the comfort of my bed, unlimited Astro movies, the cozyness of home..
* the freedom to drive anywhere I want
* home cooked meal
* EVERYTHING...i miss everthing that Sibu had offered. Yes, for once I do miss Sibu traffic jam.
Now you know how much I miss home.

Suck it up, Suzi. You're a big girl, get over your homesick. I can't. Home is where the heart is.

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