Thursday, June 29, 2017

Confinement - The darkest period of my pregnancy journey

Another super long overdue post like 6 months overdue!

So I had my confinement Chinese style after delivering my baby. Frankly, I'm not a fan of confinement (nobody ever does) and I don't believe in those crap pantang, I'm doing it more like a formality and also as an excuse to lie around doing nothing rest.

My schedule for confinement is like this :


Having this as breakfast

7.30: Cleaning up myself with minimal water exposure

7.45: Pumping or catching up on social media

9.00: Snack time. Usually I have dates soup or red beans

9.30: Feed baby and sleep

12.30: Lunch which is my favorite meal of the day because my confinement lady cooks the most delicious lunch ever. Usually it is chicken/fish soup and veggies,

Simple but very satisfying

1.00: Pumping and watching Youtube videos

2.00: Movie time or nap time

3.45: Snack time where I would have mee sua/red beans soup.

4.00: Play/direct feed baby

4.45: Cleaning up myself

5.00: Dinner time. usually a repeat of my lunch.

5.30: Pump

6.00: Catch up with husband 

7.00: Feed baby

9.00: Sleep. Rinse and repeat.

For the first week I was okay and quite enjoy confinement as I have someone to do everything for me. But after a week of the same schedule and meal plus being confined in my room, I started to get cranky. My hair is oily and I desperately wanted to shower. I also miss human contact because I was not allowed visitors but I don't care much about this rules. So I often had my parents and siblings came over to visit me which seriously helped me so much.

Other than that, I also went out everyday for the first week to get my injection at Klinik 1Malaysia. Often after the injection, my husband and I would go for hang out. The fresh air helped me a lot even my husband noticed that I'm happier after going out. So we often find any excuse to go out after I finished my round of injection.

Confinement is the darkest period for me because I really feel depressed cooped up in the room with nobody to talk to and also I was trying to get my milk supply up. The more people tell me eat this do that to increase my milk supply, the more stress I get.

Having the same meal everyday also making me sick. After the first two weeks, I rarely finished my meal especially the 6.45am breakfast. I would shove everything to my husband and sometimes I would threw it out. I also cancelled my 3.45pm snack because I wanted to nap longer.

Also adjusting to a newborn is another set of challenge too. Our confinement lady only stayed during the day so it is just us at night with baby, I can't really recalled how was my daughter as a newborn but I think it is quite manageable. She cried some nights like a newborn would do.  

My baby few days old

I remember the joy I felt when I managed to pump 5oz in one session.

Yes, my baby is breastfeed and during the day, she is bottle fed by nanny but at night I direct latching her.

She looks so different back then

So small hahaha

Barely a month old

Can see that her cheeks is started to plump up all thanks to my breast milk.

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