Thursday, November 10, 2016

Hitting second trimester and how it feels

Now that I'm in my third trimester (just hitting 32 weeks today!), I think my favorite trimester is the second one. Entering my 2nd trimester, I'm not as uptight as I was before knowing that my baby is stable in my belly. You have no idea how many unnecessary worries that I've had when I first found out about the pregnancy and all of these worries are related to my baby.

Not helping that I'm fed with horror stories of how pregnancies had gone wrong for some people. I know how precious is the little life that I carry in me and hearing some tragedies where parents lost their unborn child really break my heart. It makes me appreciate and be really grateful for my bundle of joy.

I was just entering my second trimester during our Krabi trip back in July. I still get tired all the times and back pain is my constant friend. So, the husband and I take it very easy in Krabi. We slept in and relaxing more instead of rushing everywhere. Upon returning from Krabi, I've got a nasty rash on the back of my knees. Maybe it was the weather or just my body but I'm always feel hot. The rashes resembled bug bites and left my skin red and bumpy. Not a beautiful sight for stranger. To make matter worst, it's itches like crazy. There's nothing that I can do about it except to let time heals my skin.

Another common occurrence for me during the second semester is nose bleed. I've got dried blood clot in my nose occasionally during the first trimester and I blamed it on the weather. But during second trimester, it got worst.

Normally it is just dried blood clot every few days and then it happened every day. Sometimes when I stuffed tissue up my nose. it's drenched in blood. Not a beautiful sight I told you. I've read that it is common during pregnancy, so it didn't bother me much.

But at one point, it got really worst that I think the blood capillaries in my nose is injured because it's hurt for me to even twitch my nose. I did consulted my doctor and she explained to me that my intake of irons tablet may have contribute to the nose bleed but it is nothing to worry about.

One thing that I really love during my second trimester is that I've slowly gained my energy back. I no longer feel tired and wanted to nap all the time. I also no longer feeling nauseous at night anymore. It feels like my old self is back again and the husband and I went on more date nights before the baby comes.

Must doll up because I don't want to be an ugly pregnant lady

Called me vain or narcissistic but I really cannot accept letting myself go even during pregnancy. It's bad enough that I sometimes feel like a whale and my self esteem dropped a notch, if I'm not allowed to put on makeup to make myself feel better, I'm really gonna flipped. Actually someone once came up to me and told me to stop putting on make up because the chemical will hurt my unborn child. Seriously? Which era are you living in?

I was furious but held my tongue since it is not worth it to argue with Mr. Know-It-All.  I did what I did best in these kind of situation. I ignored them totally. 

Since I'm feeling like my old self again, I started to be more laid back and had my cold drinks. Yes, I was totally off cold drink during the first trimester because people have been advising me so. I did asked my mom is it true but she brushed it off and said just eat whatever I want but in moderation. Even my doctor said so too.

So if you must know, cold drinks has no effect to your pregnancy. I was told to be off tea too which I'm sad about because I love my green tea. At first, I followed it diligently but the more I've researched into it, I've found that a little caffeine won't hurt you or your unborn child.

Pfft.. these people with their old wives tales! I really get tired of listening to people preaching to me about what pregnant woman can eat what cannot eat because mostly those are the old wife tales. I know certain stuff I really cannot consume eg raw fish/meat, raw egg etc. 

Luckily the husband is on my side all the times and even fed me my ice cream craving

I love bubble tea too

My appetite maintain the same but I've started to love junk food more now. I tried to limit my junk food intake but I really loves ice cream. I always sneak a scoop every nights because it is so good. Give my any flavor and I'll polish it off.

My weight during second trimester

At this point, I think I've gained around 5kg. When I went to polyclinic for check up, I was told to watch my diet because the weight gain is too rapid according to the nurse. But most of my friends commented how skinny I am even though I'm pregnant. Actually I eat a lot but in smaller portion and as much as I love my junk food now, I still try to eat as healthy as possible. Most of time I brought fruits as snack during working hour.

My favourite dinner combo is rice and fish 

These are my portion when I prepared my own dinner

The only time I ever wear maternity top, I was around 6 months pregnant here. 

I'm really grateful that my pregnancy has been a smooth sailing journey so far. Now that we are getting closer to the due date, my husband and I started to discuss about parenting. Both of us are chill, so I'm not gonna be the Asian tiger mom (finger cross I won't turn into one) that only emphasise on academic for my children. I want them to have the childhood that I've had. I've spent majority of my childhood exploring the world outside. I played with stick and dirt, I ran around with my siblings, we played doctor/house and anything that our imagination took us and my parents took us to playground or swimming pool on weekends. I want my children to experience all of these too instead of gluing themselves to technology that we have now. 

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