Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Baby gender

I just realised that I never announce the baby gender in my blog. Opsss! To think that I normally pen down important milestones in my life here, how could I miss out this one. That is pregnancy brain, I tell you.

But if you know me personally, of course you would have known by now.

Anyway, we're having a baby girl :)

At first I was so sure that I'm carrying boy because my instinct told me so. Actually I just assumed my baby is a boy in the beginning because everyone around me been popping baby boys. But my husband have a feeling we're having girl because of the old wives tales that baby girl brings luck to their dad. And true enough, the husband been having lots of new opportunities thrown at him and good luck really been on our side.

When my gynae confirmed that we're having girl, next thing I did was start shopping. Now that I know the gender, it made shopping a lot more fun. More pink and pastel dresses please. Hehehhe
But one thing that really cross my mind after finding out my baby is a girl is the worry when she starts to learn about puberty, makeup, boys and etc. A younger version of me really flashes into my mind. Lying to my parents about school activities, sneaking out to hang out with my friends. Oh, the horror.

Okay, that's it. I'm gonna monitor my daughter like a hawk and no boys are allowed near my princess until she turns 18.

Mother do worry a lot, isn't it.

Baby H, if you're reading this in the future. I want you to know that mummy and daddy love you so much and will try our best to provide the best for you. But, you're still not allowed to date until you're 18 hahahahahha. And we're gonna tag along for your date. hehehehe

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