Monday, March 28, 2016

Lamma Island | Hong Kong

Lamma Island is part of our itinerary in our Hong Kong trip. We heard it is a popular spot for some Hong Kong dramas but I'm not sure which. 

If you read my food post in Hong Kong,  you will understand the hidden message in the photo above. 

We need to catch ferry to go to Lamma Island. I can't really remember which station we stopped at reach the ferry terminal. But it was a long walk.

Ambushed Jolibee for toilet break and the area was filled with Filipino.

It was a cloudy and windy day. I was shivering in my Heat Tech Uniqlo leggings and it rained some more. FOL.

#followmeto Lamma Island

The ferry terminal was very busy with the locals. I didn't see much tourists maybe because Lamma Island is not very touristy. Besides, most people come to Hongkong for the food and shopping.

After less than 30 minutes of ferry ride, we were here! It was totally different from Hong Kong. Lamma Island is a small town and almost everything comes in mini size. Even the road is narrow.

Putting on my jacket because I was really really cold. I think it was around 14 degrees that time.

Since it is an island, it is filled with seafood restaurant. But we didn't get the chance to try any due to time constraint because we need to catch the ferry back to mainland.

We rarely see any cars there because everyone is so environmental friendly. Their main transport is bicycle. So be prepared to hear the bicycle honk from time to time. 

Stopping for a little snack

Not only Lamma Island is environmental friendly, it is also very pet friendly. I supposed the whole Hong Kong is pet friendly especially to dogs. We spotted lots of dogs going for walk with their owners. So so cute and it made me miss Pino even more.

Been going to the gym a lot, bro? Lol

Luckily I went with my Nike Air Max instead of my boots. I was never a fan of sneaker before but this trip has totally changed me. I'm all for sneakers now for sight-seeing after the horrible feet ache at Disneyland,

Mini fire truck! So cute, right?

The newly recruited fire fighter! Lol

Stopped for soy drink which was quite good.

Not sure what I was looking at here.

And the long hike to the windmill commenced here. All of us have no idea how long it takes to reach the windmill and the road is deserted, We only met less than 10 people along the way. 

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With the grey sky and surrounded by nature, it felt like we're in the set of horror movie, no kidding guys!

Spot the windmill!

It was scary to stand underneath the windmill because it felt like it will drop any time. Feeling so Final Destination. 

The view from the top! It was really misty day. 

Right after we went down and waiting for the ferry to go back to mainland, it was pouring rain. The wind, the rain, the stormy sea, the ride back was a difficult one. I'm so glad that we reached in one piece. If you have extra time at Hong Kong and want to see the other side of Hong Kong besides the hustle in the city, Lamma Island is worth the visit. Just maybe skip the hike to see the windmill because honestly, there is nothing to see there beside the view above.

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