Saturday, April 18, 2015

I can handle this

Are you sick of my Phnom Penh post yet? Fret not, I have a lot more to come hahahha. And I'm still talking about my second day there after 3 blog posts. It was definitely an eye opening experience for me and of course I have a lot to talk about. But I'll save that for another post. Right now, I just want a break from my travel post and just jot down how I currently feel like.

I don't know how to describe my feeling but it is negative. This whole week I have been feeling down for no reason or for the slightest things ever. It doesn't help either that there is a lot of complains in my work place. Surrounded by people complaining everyday drained my spirit and energy quicker than anything else.

I really hope the mood swing is just PMS. The timing is about right. But then I really hope it come faster because I will go on an exciting trip this month end. I am really looking forward for the break plus it will be my first solo trip and I have been planning this for over a year. At least there is something to look forward to.

Before I pack my suitcase and enjoy myself, I have a big work event this whole week. Everyone in the company are involved and the upper management people are coming down for this too. So, it is quite a stressful week ahead but it is okay. I can handle this.

Current wish

Throwback to 2 months ago when the bestie was back 

I have been trying to cook a lot back in Feb/March. The inspiration came in when I was bore one day, so I was on Youtube watching random videos and ended up watching some cooking channels. Everything they did on camera seem so easy. Add in a tiny bit of salt for taste they said. I added mine, it was tasteless. Add a little more and it was too salty ='=

My current favorite dish to cook. Aglio olio seafood. So easy and quick to make. The only downside with pasta dish is the pasta itself takes quite some time to cook. But I can whip this up less than 10 minutes if minus the pasta cooking time.

I tried making mash potatoes the other day and dare I say, it was sooooo good and super easy too. Same goes to my roast chicken and baked fish. If you notice I only love making western dish. It is because it is easy, quick and almost fool proof. The chinese dish and others are quite hard, at least for a beginner like me and time consuming. 

Went to celebrate Sara birthday at the new cafe, Horisen One Cafe last week. Hoe was performing there too. There are so many new cafes popping out in Sibu lately that I can't even keep up with. Horisen One is good but it was hot as it is open air, thus no aircond. Which leads to mosquitoes ='=
Food wise, the price is okay but there are still room for improvement in their food.

Our side profile are definitely our best side. lololol

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