Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Finally, after what seems like a long week, I have some times for myself. I put on my most comfortable old T-shirt and fugly pyjama pant, hair up in bun and face mask on, all ready to blog. I have all of my convocation pictures all nicely edited but guess what, I CAN'T UPLOAD THEM. 

The reason being is my internet connection sucks. It had been so slow for the whole week and it took me 3 freaking days to upload a picture and yet it failed in the end. Imagine my frustration. T_T  Even at work, I couldn't access my emails too until recently, making me almost miss my Takaful Exam. Oh technology, Y U  NO GOOD TO ME??

I believe that picture paints a thousand words. I was looking through some pictures taken from recent events and realized how happy was I in every pictures, grinning like there's nothing bugging me. I miss those moments. I miss being worry-free. Looking back at those pictures make me reliving the moments. If only I could share it with you guys. Until the internet connection fixes its speed, my post will remain picture-less.


Sometimes I wonder did I made the right decision in my life right now? I can't tell the answer myself. Maybe I should just try to adapt to whatever is going on now, just go with the flow. I had been very comfortable living in my own world, taking nobody into account. But everything is not the same anymore. I have to think about the other half in whatever I do and I don't really like it. I want my own space and freedom. Well, you can't get  everything that you wish for in life, ain't it? Well, that's a bummer.

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